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Creative Therapy

Creative therapy enables you to explore a personal question by expressing it in lines, shapes or colours. This can be done three-dimensionally or on paper/canvas.

You will be invited to work on your question through drawing, painting, clay or other materials.
Using these materials, you ‘translate’ your thoughts, sensations and emotions into a shape or an image. There is no need to think ahead about what you will be doing; the outcome is not required to be ‘beautiful’.

The creative process helps you to express yourself very differently than you would verbally.
You will find yourself relating on a personal level to your actions and their outcome.

The advantage of this method is that it allows you to take a temporary step back from the topic of your question, offering you breathing space and the opportunity to experiment.
Connecting with your work will bring you answers to your questions.

Elly de Laat will guide you through this process. Together, you will contemplate your work: what appeals to you; what, on the other hand, doesn’t, and how you might wish to proceed.
The Creative Playing Field works with individuals, partners, families and small groups.