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We all play our part in this world, but can also – simultaneously – examine it from the outside. This motion is most fascinating.

Play takes place between culture and nature; rules and freedom; reality and imagination

The stimulus of a challenge is enticing.

We enter into relationships, join ourselves to the object of our desire, become our role and then distance ourselves once more.

Challenges, provided these are sufficiently evocative of an aesthetic emotional response and adequately structured, always stir us to action. In this action, the movement of what we do, we express the feelings and the values we know ourselves to be bound to, which together form the basis of our choices.

Action causes movement in time. For growth and development, in a word: self-realization.

‘There is no reality, other than action’. (Sartre, J.P. 1980. Over het existentialisme. A. W. Bruna& Zoon Antwerpen, p. 36)

Relationships, connections, exist in action, in behaviour, in doing, in the here and now.

It is exciting to recover (our) space for play through setting ourselves in motion, thus making room for who we are. This, to me, is the essence of creative therapy.

At the Creative Playing Field, we are interested in the choices people make, and how they wish to move through the world.

When movement stagnates, we offer a playful, creative and collaborative approach to seeking solutions.